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Forum Rules

Postby Ruffah » 15 Oct 2014, 19:09

#1. Strictly Forbidden

Using any kind of cash redirect services: Linkbux,, etc.
Posting premium-only links
Reposting clips of our active Artist's, unless granted by them.
Reposting defaced clips from other artists, eg. reencoded to remove logo/credit etc..
Posting content featuring persons under 18.
No Playboy Content.

Advertising for products or websites, without prior agreement.

Posting any content with/from the following actresses/models/sites:

1. Linnea Voss
2. Tiffany Limos

#2. Forum-wide Rules:

Search before you post, If the topic already exist, see "Dupes" below.
Use correct topic icons in content forums. (If you don't know the nationality of an actress, use the movie origin instead).
Please use english when communicating on the forum (the only exception being the Scandinavian section & request section where all nordic languages are allowed)

Shall be posted in the "Collections" section, and have to be approved by an admin or mod first.
Send them a message with your proposed content, if you would like to start one.

Random threads like Daily Celebs update, The best from movies etc. are totally unneccessary and unwanted, however specific and on topic megathreads are welcome.

No image hotlinking!
All images have to be uploaded to one of the imagehosts listed in section #7
Note: gifsec, gifsoup and similar sites who are providing animations or images as hotlink themselves, does not apply for this rule.

Proper topic titles & Prefixes.

Clip sections:
Prefix: [nudity-grade] (You can easily select this from a drop-down menu of available prefixes for the specific section)

Required Title Info: "Actress(es) - Title - Year - (Source) "
Note: Source is only required for HD clips , eg. 720p/1080p HDTV/Bluray/WEB-DL

Cameron Diaz @ Sex Tape (2014) [1080p]
Cameron Diaz fully naked in Sextape

For Series:
Required Title Info: "Actress(es) - Series - Season - (Episode) - Year - (Source)"
Example: Emilia Clarke @ Game of Thrones S01E01 (2011) [1080p]

Picture Sections
Required Title Info:"Actress/Model/ - Event/Photoshoot etc. - (Date) - Year - x count of pictures

Jennifer Aniston @ Oscars 2014 x54

Titles are not required to be exactly like the examples. As long as you include the required information, it's up to you how you want to present it.

In case a clip from a movie is already here, all clips from the same movie/event etc. shall be posted in the existing thread, which will then be updated by an Admin or Mod to reflect new additions.
In short this means, that if ex: "Sharon Stone @ Basic Instinct (1992)" exists, you post your addition in that thread, and it will be updated to "Sharon Stone @ Basic Instinct (1992) [SD/HDTV/720p/1080p etc.] " based on which upgrade is posted.

#3. Celeb Video Sections:

#No upscaled or Fake HD clips!
Clips/Caps from the same movie shall be posted in one (1) thread.
Provide atleast 4 click-able screenshots of each clip - No small auto generated thumbnails!
Custom Thumbnails (Collages) of a reasonable size are allowed.

Provide info about the file: atleast Size,Length,Resolution.

How to easily get Info about any videofile (Guide)
Click Here

How to create and post screenshots (Guide)
Click Here

#Filenames must contain "full actress name + full movie name + source/quality for 720p & 1080p"
RAR/ZIP files are offcourse excepted, and can be named anything you want - though files inside must follow the guideline above.
If your clip is from a dubbed source, note it in the post. (eg. *German Dub* *Russian Dub* etc.)

#6. Picture Sections:

In case of zip/rar sets - provide info about the file, minimum: Size, x count of pictures.

#7. Allowed Hosters:

Click here to add suggestions


All posts must include atleast 2 download links from the listed allowed hosters, You can add any, and as many hosters as you like in addition, regardless of wether they are in the list of allowed hosters
Note: Freehosts & members of the Artist group are excepted from this rule, allthough highly encouraged.

Allowed Hosts / /

Free Hosters: /

Multiupload sites:
Any multiupload site (mirrorcreator,embedupload etc.) is allowed, as long the mirrorlink itself also contains links for atleast 1 of the allowed/main hosts + 1 free host.

Imagehosts: (Not recommended, too many randomly deleted images)

Lastly, we would like to quote Nebula over at to summarize exactly what this forum is about:


This forum is for video makers and fans to share what they make and/or enjoy, not for profiteering re-hosting cash whores looking to make money off the efforts of others and/or "power posting" any and every piece of shit video they happen to find on the web.
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Re: Forum Rules

Postby Ruffah » 06 Nov 2014, 20:02

6/11/2014 - added as allowed image host.
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